The Black Sheep

Every good college town needs one of these, a bohemian cafe where you can get a sandwich, a coffee, and some free WiFi. The Black Sheep is convenient to downtown Amherst and has a lot of character. They use local goodies in their offerings and even host the occasional Senator. My favorite sandwich is the East meets West, a sort of vegetarian B├ính mi with roasted tofu, carrots, red onions, lettuce, and a funky delicious garlic + peanut + hoisin sauce slathered generously on a fresh, squishy baguette. Their other sandwiches are solid too and all of them are available in half-size portions, which is nice. The coffee drinks are usually good, but frankly inconsistent from barista to barista. I’ve had lattes that were 75% coffee with only the most token splash of milk on top (heart attack in a cup) and I’ve had lattes that were the complete opposite, so much milk I couldn’t be sure there was actually a shot of espresso in there. I never mind too much though because the crew is super nice and always get the food right, which is why I’m there really. If you’re just in the mood for a coffee you’ll have a more reliable experience down the block at Amherst Coffee. For a cozy, crunchy rendezvous with friends though, this is the go to spot.

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