Brad’s Place

  • 353 Main St.
  • Greenfield, MA 01301
Matthew Wright • January 28, 2017

We moved to Greenfield a week ago and I’m already delighted by the experience. Neighbors made a point of introducing themselves and welcoming us to the area, dog owners (at the amazing Highland Park) eagerly introduced Tula to their highly-socialized pooches, and local haunts like Brad’s Place made us feel right at home.

Just up from the Garden Theater, Brad’s is a no-frills greasy spoon with New England sensibilities. When ordering pancakes you have the default option of fake syrup, or true and delicious maple (for a little extra). The pancakes themselves are dense and generous, with a bit of buckwheat grit that let’s you know they mean business. They’re hearty, satisfying, and perfectly paired with sausage, ham, or bacon (I’ve tried all 3 in subsequent visits). Next time a nice over-easy egg will have to be added.

On out first visit, Molly had an off-menu egg sandwich on rye that was spot on and the waitress didn’t bat an eye or seem put off by the special order. The vibe in the place oozes neighborhood charm. I’m fairly sure we were the only people in there who didn’t know everyone else. Some people didn’t even seem to need to order, their coffee was waiting for them by the time they got from the front door to their seat.

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