published June 23, 2017

Now that Molly is back from her long business trip Bub is back in full swing. You’re going to be seeing a lot more in-depth posts about our new hometown, Greenfield.

The owners of The Brass Buckle were looking to sell the place not so long ago and we’re really glad they changed their minds. When we first moved into town they did close for a few weeks to give the place a facelift (and I suspect to give themselves a little time off). When they re-opened they did so with new hours, and new days that they were closed.

So long Sunday Brunch

There was a lot of guff on their Facebook page about being closed on Sunday, and in all honesty we’re pretty bummed about that too. We usually do breakfast at home the first morning of a weekend and have more than once now gone excitedly to the Buckle on Sunday only to smack ourselves in the head saying, “Oh yeah. No Sundays.”

Saturday Brunch Then

Today, the new days got through our thick skulls and we experienced finally the new and improved Brass Buckle. We always liked this place (see original review below), but the time off did their cooks some good. If it was a solid B before, we just had a pretty A+ breakfast there.

Grit Cakes. Every Southern Boy’s Dream.

They might not photograph all that well, but these were some of the best collards I’ve ever had. That’s saying something I think because I grew up in Tennessee with a very Southern grandmother. These were vinegary, but not too tart, tender, but not overcooked, and had garlic slices so cooked down they had the consistency of a delicious morsel of pork. The grit cakes were also spot on and soaked the runny yellow yolk with abandon.

Salad for Breakfast. Every Michigan Girl’s Dream.

Molly loves it when restaurants have salad as a breakfast option, so this little special made her morning. The bacon was crispy and delectable with the scrabbled to perfection fluffiness of the eggs. The dressing was also superb.

Sweet and Savory Scones

I was going to get one scone and a pastry, but the choices were Cranberry Pecan or Cheddar, Jalapeño, Bacon. So, naturally I got two scones. The Savory still had enough sweetness to almost feel like dessert and neither were afraid of the butter. Both were supposed to be saved for later, but were devoured as soon as we got home.

Now for a nap.

Original Review from February 2016

This is a nice spot for a low-key breakfast or lunch (they wrap things up by 4 every afternoon). Our first visit I had a strange, pulled-pork Cuban sandwich that was huge, delicious, and reasonably priced. Molly had a couple à la carte tacos that were modestly sized, but tasty. My sandwich was a special, and they had a few others, something they do no doubt to supplement the spare menu. Our next visit we’re looking forward to trying the Cowboy Sandwich, an odd concoction with bacon, a fried egg, hash browns, BBQ, and sour cream on board.

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