Cushman Market + Cafe

  • 491 Pine St
  • Amherst, MA 01002
Matthew Wright

Because of its location we often forget about Cushman, which is a shame. Every time we drive by on our way to take the dog for a jaunt around Puffer’s Pond we have to stop in and get at least a latte. They use local milk and the baristas are consistently great at crafting a perfect beverage. Their Chai is also fantastic, if a weensy bit sweet. Other then The Roost’s in Northampton I would say theirs is our favorite. That’s saying a lot too, if you like Chai lattes, because Esselon and Woodstar also have solid offerings. The pastries and breakfast sandwiches are dependable and often even exemplary. Brunch is nice here when they have live music. It’s a little chaotic on the weekends sometimes, especially once the kids are back in school, but in general we find they run things Swiss-watch tight. The little attached market is cute and handy if you need a beer or bottle of wine or oddball party favor.

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