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The Dirty Truth is a near-perfect beer bar with 40 taps, big tables, knowledgeable barkeeps, and above average pub grub. Our go-to used to be their duck nachos, mostly because they were delicious, but also because the portion size used to be totally absurd. You could get one order and stuff 4 people with it over drinks. Lucky for their food cost (but unlucky for patrons) those nachos, while still delicious, have scaled down to an appropriate size for 2 people. Which is fine, really. We want them to stay in business and the nachos of day’s past had to basically cost them money to serve.

Anyway. On our most recent visit we were impressed with how much they’ve upped their sandwich game. It can get a little crazy on the weekends (naturally) but Monday through Thursday evenings it’s one of the most pleasant places in downtown Northampton to sip something exotic (probably Belgium) or a craft brewery close enough to hit with a rock (please don’t throw things at breweries).

Congrats on them finally getting a website!

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