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We’re probably kidding ourselves if we think frozen yogurt is any better for our waistline than ice cream. It does, however, have active yogurt cultures. What are those good for? Didn’t you see all those Jamie Lee Curtis Activia commercials? It’s good for your intestinal floral, the good bacteria that keeps your tummy happy. Top that bit of almost-healthcare with the wide variety of fresh fruit at GoBerry and we shave half the guilt off our frozen dessert. Our biggest reason for loving GoBerry though is that they use local Mapleline Milk and Side Hill Farm Yogurt, so whatever flavor you choose it has a distinct and wonderful tang. GoBerry has another location in Amherst:

  • GoBerry Northampton
  • 80 Main Street
  • Northampton, MA 0060
  • GoBerry Amherst
  • 28 Amity Street
  • Amherst, MA 01002

If you’re one of the owners reading this:

Hey, first, love your shops. Thanks for supporting local businesses like Side Hill and Mapleline. You rock. I think many GoBerry regulars would agree that Nutella is amazing and deserves a permanent spot next to Original, with 2 rotating flavors instead of 3.

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