The Green Bean

  • 241 Main St.
  • Northampton, MA 01060
Matthew Wright • August 14, 2016

The older sister of The Roost down on Market Street, The Green Bean is an adorable little breakfast and lunch joint. This is the place to go for brunch in Northampton, so expect a line out the door on the weekends unless you show up before 9:30. It’s well worth the wait though and right next door to Broadside Books so you can thumb through paperbacks before you get a table.

The menu is refreshingly different. What do I mean? Well, they take all the standards you’d expect from a restaurant like this and give them a distinctive spin. Instead of omelettes you get “scrambles” which is all the fun of a mix of complimentary ingredients with the laid back comfort of scrambled eggs. It’s also nice that you can adjust the volume on the eggs, going one more or one less for plus or minus $1.50 from your check.

Something everyone should order at least once is the Herb and Onion Bread with Almond Gravy. Salty, sweet, savory, and solid. It’s like biscuits and gravy for the veggie crowd. It’s not as gut bomb as you might imagine. You can do half orders too if you like, so order it as something to split with the table for a sort of breakfast appetizer.

If you’re not feeling breakfast I highly recommend the VBLAT which is smokey tempeh strips, lettuce, tomato, and avocado. You don’t have to be vegan to love this, but if you are of the humane persuasion, so much the better. The vblat’s housemade tempeh “facon” is 99% as good as the real thing. Last but not least their Chai Tea recipe is damn close to (maybe the same as?) The Roost’s, which is our favorite in the area.

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