The Green Room

  • 28 Center St.
  • Northampton, 01060
Matthew Wright • June 22, 2016

Unique only begins to describe The Green Room in Northampton, a cozy bar breathing new life into crafted cocktails. Beer? They have a few. Wine? Sure. One choice of white and one red. Now let’s get down to business. Mixed drinks. There are dozens of varieties of house made bitters, 2 passionate mixologists-in-residence, and every conceivable liqueur (and liquor) you can imagine. This is the place Molly has been waiting for the entire time she’s lived in the area. We met Mike, half of the mixologist team, on our first visit and he made us 2 of the most delicious adult beverages we’ve had in ages. I didn’t know what I wanted, but with a few probing questions Mike produced an herbal rye cocktail with a hint of citrus that put the best Manhattan to shame. Molly ordered the Alpine Slide: gin, Chartreuse, lemon, bitters, egg white, and spruce. They don’t have a website (other than Facebook) and despite being in the heart of downtown they’re still earning speakeasy cred with an exclusively word of mouth advertising campaign. If you live within walking distance, or have a designated driver, make this your first or last stop of the evening. And spread the word. We don’t want to lose this place.

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