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It’s all so confusing! Formerly Amherst Brewing Company, local Wing-tastic bar ‘The Hangar’ took over the main space and now it appears Amherst Brewing Company is back as a not-so-silent partner. What the hell is going on? They feature ABC beer, but they also have tons of local and regional beers on tap curated by some wickedly friendly and helpful bartenders.

On the food front, the sandwiches are as gigantic and the wings are as solid as ever. They have a half dozen locations now, so check out their site for the one closest to you. Ours in Greenfield, to be honest, isn’t as consistent as the Amherst flagship, but we’re still loyalists. The biggest attraction in Amherst, the absurd number of taps, is absent in Greenfield, but it’s still a dependable and cozy spot. The service is great in all locations. Special shout-out to Amherst’s Operations Manager “Stoney” who is the best of the best.

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