• 27 Pleasant St.
  • Northampton, MA 01060
Matthew Wright • June 18, 2016

We don’t usually like to review places that aren’t local. McLadden’s Northampton is currently one of 3 locations with 2 more on the way, all of which are in New England. The trigger to our non-local radar is that being there (or visiting their website) is a hyper-polished branding experience. The LLC behind this place obviously wants it to be a craft beer Applebee’s similar to The Yard House. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s worth mentioning. This is not a “mom and pop” establishment, but we’ve had great experiences there anyway. First of all, 105 taps. That’s right, one hundred and five. On our last visit we also had an extremely knowledgeable barkeep. She wasn’t stingy with samples and was honest with her opinions of any beer we asked her about. Thanks to her we didn’t feel as though we were getting a corporate experience. We each had a sandwich from their spare and mildly-inspired menu. The food was tasty and we happened to be there on a half-priced sandwich night, so that was nice. We’ll continue to visit McLadden’s, ever watchful and cautious of their growth (don’t go all Goose Island on us please).

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