The House

If you’ve ever looked at homes in Western Massachusetts you know at least two things:

  1. There’s virtually no new construction in these parts. It makes for a lot of charming old houses that have been here for often more than a hundred years.
  2. The house itself is not necessarily preserved as well as its history.

We looked at over a hundred homes before we found the one we finally pulled the trigger on. We loved that the knob and tube had been replaced. We loved that the asbestos had been taken care of. We loved a lot of things and still do.

Old Houses Need Extra Care

The house was listed as being built in 1905, but within minutes of our home inspection we were told, “There’s no way this house is that young.” According to the inspector, at some point in the past some local records were lost in a fire. Any house that needed new records was given the arbitrary date of 1900 or 1905.

Okay, sure.

He pointed to some hand hewn beams in the basement and to oil lighting hardware still in place in the attic and told us, “somewhere in the neighborhood of 1850 or 1860.” Some other things that have turned up in renovations have confirmed this estimate.

The house is solid, definitely, and the various owners stretching back to the 1960’s didn’t neglect it. A house this old though is obviously going to need some restoration. That’s what has consumed our every weekend since we closed, and what every weekend will be spent doing for a while. We will be posting more craft beer and food recommendations, but probably just as often about the house.

Our First Before and After Gallery: THE GUEST BATHROOM