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The Wagon Wheel is a place we’ve meant to go for a long time. We’ve heard good things for years, but until we moved to Greenfield it wasn’t exactly on the way to anywhere. Now that we’ve been, several times, we admit to being fools for not making a special trip when it was further away.

plated up

The place has a lot of cozy, kitschy charm. The walls are decorated with paint-by-numbers, old clocks, and the kind of commemorative plates you would buy at gift shops in the seventies. All of that is incidental compared to the food.

Let me start with the greatest pancakes on earth

They’re called Big Wheel Pancakes and you should order them on your first visit. Let me describe them with a hypothetical conversation I imagine the creator having with his or her pancake mentor:

“What if I made a pancake like an omelet?”

“What are you talking about!? You’re crazy!”

“No, I think it would be amazing. Everyone likes to eat bites of pancake with breakfast meats or fruit. Why not just put it all in the pancake?”

“You’re drunk with power!”

“I’m doing it.”

Big Wheels for adults

The Big Wheel Pancakes are two gigantic, fluffy wonders with sausage, caramelized onions, cheddar, and baked apple pieces fried right into them. They are insane. Add a little fresh maple syrup and a generous pat of butter and you will weep openly at the table the first time you have them. You’re welcome.

Other winners are the homefries deluxe and their signature homemade corned beef hash.

Did I mention they make their own ice cream?

Well, they do, and although we’ve only tried one flavor so far, Strawberry Rhubarb, it was as good as some of our favorites from Flayvors or Mt. Tom’s. We recognize that as a wild boast, so are stopping short of declaring all their ice cream is that good until we’ve tried a lot more flavors. Expect an update before the end of our summer research.

Have you been to Gill lately?

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