About Bub


Bub Gourmand is Molly Notestine and Matthew Wright. I’m the Matthew half of things. I was born in Tennessee, lived for a dozen years in NYC, then found a home in New England. Molly is originally from Frankenmuth, Michigan and feels the same way I do about Western Massachusetts. We love it. We even spent 2 years in the perfect weather of California and decided we had to move back. Bub Gourmand is our salute to the great food and craft beer in the area.

When I’m not blogging for Bub I’m building WordPress Themes and Plugins over at Webwright. I also do a little writing over at Sandbox Fiction.

Molly is an ecologist. She believes in Science! When she’s not making sure companies don’t build anything on top of endangered species habitats, she likes to garden, cook, decorate the heck out of our place, and painstakingly remind me to shut the lights off when I leave a room. We have a rescued Foxhound mix named Tula who takes up a lot of our time.

The name Bub Gourmand is a riff on The Michelin Guide’s Bib Gourmand rating.  Bub is here to make merry. We don’t like to rant, so if anything makes it onto the site you can be sure we liked it a lot.

Thanks for stopping by!

-Matthew + Molly