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The Best Pizza in the 5 college area is at Bread Euphoria. Hungry Ghost has a great thing going with carry out, but if you want to dine in and pair a great draft, Bread Euphoria is the best place to go. We keep trying other local options in hopes of finding others worth mentioning, but so far the best we can say about those are, “Well, it’s a little better than Pizza Hut.”

The half dozen we’ve tried are not much better than a frozen Trader Joe’s pizza. That’s not to diss Trader Joe’s! We always have a few of them at the ready in our chest freezer. They’re perfectly good and fast. If you want your mind blown though, make the trek to Haydenville.

More than great crust

Bread Euphoria isn’t even a pizza place. It’s a bakery that offers pizza. I’d say it’s a no brainer that a bakery has kick ass pizza crust (it does, natch) but it’s the inventive genius of their specials that makes these pies worth the drive to us. Our favorite of all time came with peaches and stinky cheese. Might sound crazy, but the point to counterpoint of flavors was incredible. They did a peach one again this year that was stellar, though we did miss the stinky addition. They have conventional choices too, but whenever we see a WTF special we go for it. Trust them. No matter how crazy the combination sounds.

Local Draft


Bread Euphoria isn’t a bar either, but they have 4 taps to choose from. They have an affinity for Berkshire Brewing Company and Ginger Libation, but the 4th tap tends to rotate regularly. A bottled beer is just fine with a pizza, but who doesn’t agree that a fresh-pulled draft is even better?

Sit down, kick back

Friday and Saturday they have table service, but the rest of the week you can still sit down and enjoy yourself. We never mind the deli-style back and forth. The picnic vibe is fine.

The food

We haven’t mentioned the salads? How foolish of us. Get one. And make sure if it doesn’t automatically come with their maple balsamic house dressing that you ask for it by name. We got a generous side of it with our salad and found it delicious with our pizza crusts. The main components are right there in the name. We’ve tried to recreate it at home and we’re about 90% there.


Our favorite “conventional” pizza is the Prosciutto which comes with Prosciutto di Parma, carmelized onions, fresh mozzarella, fresh basil, and garlic-oregano oil. Something worth mentioning is that when Bread Euphoria lists an ingredient they mean for you to taste it. They’re not just throwing around a dressy-but-meaningless word to make the pie seem more exotic. If they bothered to write it on the chalkboard, you will distinctly taste it.


The sourdough crust has a nice crunch and a fair amount of doughy play once you bite into it. We have no complaints. We do sometimes wish they’d apply their bread-making prowess to a thicker option, but that’s probably because Molly and I both could sit down and eat a loaf of good bread by ourselves.

I’ve already raved about the toppings, so we’ll let the photos speak for themselves. The only other things we’d mention are that this place closes relatively early (6 on Sundays) and is family friendly. Even on a quiet Sunday night with only a few tables there were plenty of kids there being kids. Maybe that just goes hand-in-hand with pizza places?

And oh yeah, that make pretty tasty desserts and hella good bread too.

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