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Though still in Massachusetts, Commonwealth BBQ is not in the Pioneer Valley. We’re mentioning it here because it instantly earned a place in our hearts today driving back from a July 4th weekend with friends on the Cape looking for a quick, but good meal on the highway no-man’s-land of food. It’s near the outlets, but little else in the area would scream here is a damn good place to get barbecue. Usually a “restaurant” featured on a blue highway sign would not fill us with hope for quality or authenticity. Commonwealth had both in ample amounts.

We tried the pulled pork sandwich, the smoked chicken sandwich, the cowboy beans, the collards, and a stuffed jalapeƱo. Everything was flipping delicious, the portions were ridiculous, and stuffing ourselves was completely affordable. There’s plenty of outdoor seating and despite its size, they can obviously pull off catering, as evidenced by the large order they stuffed in a car while we had our lunch. There was even a wipe out of a full pan of cornbread in the parking lot and the manager pulled together a replacement on the fly. The only thing missing from the experience was a frosty cold beer, but Wormtown Brewery a few miles away in Worcester has you covered there. Well worth the stop, and we’ll certainly be back.

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