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For a delicious, if also often humiliating experience

This was my third trip to Joe’s Cafe, but my first eating there. They have a loyal following who don’t care if you like the place or not. There are 2 confusingly-placed doors that empty directly into the tiny space next to tables, no host, and lots of regulars standing around blocking staff and new customers alike. It’s total chaos.

The first two times there, we fought our way through the crowd to have numerous staff move around us while maintaining an impressive absence of eye contact. After 5+ minutes of that we left both times. If you took Hungry Ghost, Magpie, and Bread Euphoria out of the competition, Joe’s would beat every other pizza place within 25 miles without breaking a sweat. You’ll definitely have a sense of accomplishment if you eat here.

Once we had a table the service was excellent.

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