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Our favorite item at The Lady Killigrew is the Warm Brown Rice Salad. The name doesn’t make you immediately think delicious, but once you’ve had it you can’t think of it any other way. The dressing is perfect, the combination of hot and cold works, and there’s a secret ingredient we won’t disclose because it’s fun to try to figure it out yourself. I’m not telling you for another reason, along with the “that’s good?” name this particular ingredient ain’t got no business in a salad. But there it is and it’s wonderful.

Other than the salad they have 6 regular-menu grilled paninis and 1 special-of-the-day. We’re also quite fond of the Peanut Udon noodles, a staple in so many restaurants, but extra good here (I think it’s the beets). They have four taps and a few other beers in cans, respectable wine offerings, and surprisingly great iced teas.

They share the same picturesque location as The Alvah Stone, without the price tag. There’s a lot of outdoor seating for better weather and a killer bookstore attached.

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