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The People’s Pint is long overdue on our list of restaurants to fully review. For now we’ll start with the fact that this is the home of our favorite ESB, Hope Street Amber. They do a damn fine job on their IPAs too. The kitchen has a smoker and they aren’t afraid to use it. The pulled pork is some of the best we’ve found outside of the south, and the smoked chicken chili is winter’s best friend.

you’ve never had a turkey burger this good. In a burger Fight Club, this sucker could beat Tyler Durden.

Molly loves me only slightly more than The Pint’s turkey burger, and I’m totally okay with that. Neither of us seek out turkey burgers, anywhere, because in most other places they are the sad, dry, tasteless consolation price for people who don’t do red meat. She tried her first turkey burger at the Pint because it was a special one night with add-ons we don’t even remember now. I do remember that neither of us could get past how impossibly flavorful and juicy the turkey was. It’s got a hint of smoke too, which might be intentional or might just be from it hanging out in that smoke-tastic kitchen. Either way, awesome results.

The Pint naturally has an amazing beef burger too, but it’s somehow less miraculous than the gobbler. They even have a crazy hybrid called the squealer with ground bacon in the patty that is wonderful, but still not top of the burger heap on the menu.

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